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Why Use A Daily Money Manager?

Many people cannot manage their own personal finances because of disability, physical and mental difficulties associated with aging, lack of financial knowledge or experience, limited time, and other factors too numerous to mention.

As the population has aged, as people have more obligations and less time, as financial matters have become more and more complex, as the mound of accompanying paperwork has grown, the need for professional daily money managers has exploded.

Daily Money Managers are not intended to function as replacements for accountants, attorneys, or investment advisers. Rather, they perform a wide range of tasks for their clients on a daily basis that assist these other professionals in their respective areas.

As a Daily Money Manager, I offer my clients a broad range of services:

  • Organizing your papers and setting up and maintaining a filing system for your financial records

  • Scheduling the timely payment of your bills

  • Reconciling your checking account(s) with your monthly bank statements

  • Assembling and providing your financial information to your accountant for use in preparing your annual income tax filing

  • Monitoring your bank and credit card accounts on a regular basis to check for accuracy and any suspicious activity

  • Advocating for you to correct billing or other errors by contacting your creditors and speaking on your behalf

  • Negotiating with your creditors to seek better terms and/or lower interest rates on credit card balances or any other outstanding loan or debt obligations you may have

  • Checking your insurance papers and monitoring all claims to assure that you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled

  • Referring you to social service personnel, investment, accounting, legal or other experts - and coordinating my work with these professionals who have the expertise to help you in areas that exceed my capabilities.


About Herb Simonoff, a Personal Money Manager


Herb Simonoff is the President/CEO of Hasma, Inc., a Daily Money Management Company.  With constant and careful attention to detail, he ministers to the needs of others with tireless enthusiasm.


Herb was born and raised in New York City. During his adulthood, Herb spent 33 years designing, building, and operating a large electronics business in New York and New Jersey. In addition to the financial side of running a sizable business operation, Herb honed his skills in the art of interpersonal relationships through a lifetime of negotiating with suppliers, purchasing merchandise, paying bills in a timely manner, and managing a staff of employees.

After handling the personal financial affairs of family members and friends for many years, Herb formed HASMA, Inc., a Daily Money Management company to provide an essential service to those people who want a competent, highly experienced, caring, and honorable professional to look out for and safeguard their financial interests. Herb works with people who have difficulty in managing their own money, paying their bills on time, organizing their records, and curtailing their spending and debt accumulation. Herb’s clients include the elderly, those who lack the knowledge of financial matters as well as busy people who do not have the time to take care of their financial affairs by themselves.

Herb is highly qualified to perform his duties as a Daily Money Manager in a professional and ethical manner. His high moral standards, coupled with more than 45 years of experience in the business world, and his meticulous attention to detail taught him the importance of due diligence and exacting accuracy. Herb is extremely comfortable in negotiations and knows the value of trust in all his dealings.

Herb’s professional affiliations include membership in the highly respected national organization, the American Association of Daily Money Managers. As an active member of this Association, he has pledged to conduct his business according to their very strict Code of Ethics. He is also a charter member of the National Eldercare Matters Alliance. (See http://www.ElderCareMatters.com as a source for elder care experts and information about a wide range of elder care matters.)

In addition to his Daily Money Management Business, Herb has been a member of Toastmasters, Intl, for many years. A former Toastmaster Area Governor, Herb achieved the level of “Distinguished Toastmaster” and became a Certified Judge for oratorical contests. He was also a member of the Optimist Club, during which time he mentored young students and taught communication skills to both adults and children.


While seeking additional challenges in 2011, Herb founded the Money Managing Academy, an organization created to provide educational material concentrating on strategies for responsible money management. He wrote all the course material for the Academy, and as its Chancellor, he makes the bulk of the course material available through the website www.Moneymanagingacademy.com

In the magnificence of the 9th decade of life, Herb is busier than ever. He still works out at the gym four times each week and enjoys taking long exhilarating hikes through the woods. His more sedate activities include many hours of reading and time spent writing a large collection of poetry and short stories. Additionally, he volunteers his time to non-profit organizations involved in community service activities. Equipped with sharp wit and ready humor, Herb occasionally entertains audiences as an auctioneer to help raise funds for various humanitarian projects.

Herb and his wife Margie, a retired attorney, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in August 2016. They have two grown children (a daughter who is a practicing attorney and a son who is a busy cardiologist) and five grandchildren.


Herb’s Mission


My mission is to manage the financial affairs of any person who lacks the knowledge, experience, or time to handle their own daily monetary affairs.

I have a great deal of knowledge of the securities market and of insurance products. For many years, I had a license for life insurance sales and had been registered with the National Association of Security Dealers. However, I am not looking to manage investment portfolios nor do I sell stocks, bonds, or insurance to my clients. My function as a Daily Money Manager is to oversee the daily financial interests of my clients and to protect their assets and credit standing.





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